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Surviving the holiday season, all the products you need!

01 December 2023

  December is finally here, bringing with it the excitement of the Holiday Season! To enhance your beauty for all your celebrations, we’ve put together a must-have selection of products. Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift or just want to treat yourself, here’s everything you need to survive the holiday frenzy!   Dry shampoo: […]

Divine Face Oil: The Secret of Nourished, Radiant Skin

14 November 2023

Discover how the key ingredients in our Divine Face Oil can transform your skincare routine.   A heavenly harmony of natural oils   Our Divine Face Oil is formulated with natural oils known for their beneficial properties. These high-quality oils have impressive benefits. Discover them!   Argan oil Bursting with vitamin E and fatty acids, […]

Cocooning evening in November

Cocooning Evening: 5 essential Steps for a Perfect November Evening

01 November 2023

  When was the last time you really took the time to relax, refocus and, above all, enjoy a good self care? November is the perfect time to pamper yourself with a cocooning evening! Discover our 5 steps to a dream evening with friends, lovers or on your own.   Create the perfect atmosphere Start […]

Beauty must-haves for Halloween: our 5 favorite products

01 October 2023

  Autumn is well and truly upon us, and with it comes one of our favorite holidays: Halloween. To tackle the season while still looking dazzling, getting your hands on the right beauty products to take care of your skin is essential. Here are our top 5 picks for radiant skin, no matter how many […]

Discover our two must-have new products for pregnancy & postpartum

28 September 2023

  Pregnancy, childbirth and the post-partum period are all challenging for a woman’s body (and skin). In addition to all the physical changes, major hormonal changes also occur during this period and can weaken natural collagen production. During pregnancy, the body produces more cortisol, and the higher this level, the lower the collagen production.   […]

Back-to-school beauty essentials

01 September 2023

  It’s already been a few days since the start of the new school year, and with the return to routine always comes the need to renew your skincare routine to match your skin’s changing needs! Therefore, to help you pamper your skin, we’re delighted to launch our first monthly set!   What exactly are […]

All about our new glowing serum!

08 June 2023

    Our glowing serum combines a high concentration of vitamin C with tangerine, a natural and incredibly rich source of this essential vitamin. Thanks to this clever formulation, our serum takes full advantage of the benefits of this organic substance!   The benefits of vitamin C Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps […]

Not 1, but 2 new treatments are now available in the clinic!

17 May 2023

  We are more than happy to introduce the Kuma Shape Pro, an improved version of the Kuma machine. This new version includes two additional handles, each offering unique benefits!   The first handle is specially designed for the face. It helps tone the chin area. The first handle of the Kuma is inspired by […]

Men’s skincare routine: how to choose the right products

30 March 2023

  Having a proper skincare routine is not just for women! This article reveals the main steps of an effective skincare routine for men.   Understanding men’s skin   First and foremost, it is important to understand men’s skin to determine better which skin care products to choose. Men have thicker skin than women. This […]

Everything you need to know about the O’terra warehouse sale

27 February 2023

Winter is slowly ending, and it’s time to clear out our warehouse for a nice spring cleaning! We are liquidating all our products at a big warehouse sale, and here is what you need to know:   > When is it taking place? The sale will be held from March 2nd to March 6th inclusively. […]

Gift guide for budgets of $50 or less

08 December 2022

ㅤ You want to gift natural, animal cruelty-free, handmade products in Quebec, but you’d rather not pay more than $50?! Look no further! Whatever your budget, we have THE perfect gift for you.   >> Your budget is between $5 and $20? Sanitizing mist ($20*) – Made with tangerine, vitamin B5 and aloe vera, our […]

A complete guide on how to enjoy the Black Friday sale

15 November 2022

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ It’s finally here: our biggest sale of the year is back and it’s the perfect opportunity to start (or complete) your Christmas gifts while saving big! This year, to make your shopping easier, we have decided to do things a little differently. We will be discounting the entire website and no promotional code will […]

New products: everything you need to know about our face masks

05 November 2022

‎ As you may know, we now have our own laboratory. So, to properly inaugurate it, we have decided to launch some new products! For several months now, we have been conducting many hours of research and development to produce face masks that meet your highest expectations. It is with great excitement that we announce […]

Travel kit: our 5 must-have products

06 October 2022

‎   Whether it’s for a getaway at the cottage, a weekend with the family or even a trip with friends, here are 5 must-have products from our O’terra line to have in your cosmetic bag to keep your skin radiant and healthy throughout your getaway!   1. Hyaluronic acid, matcha & mandarin serum The […]

Sculpt your face with O’terra facial suction cups!

25 September 2022

‎   A bit of history Facial suction cups are not a new thing! This tool originated more than 3000 years ago in traditional oriental medicine and was, at the time, mainly used to treat dermatological conditions. Yep, facial cupping has been used and loved for thousands of years! Let’s find out why.   Their […]

Eco-friendly From Head to Toe!

03 September 2022

‎ The products you use in your skincare routine substantially impact the environment. Indeed, the cosmetics industry is currently the source of approximately 1.5% of GHG emissions. At O’terra, your well-being, as well as that of Mother Nature, is of concern to us. For this reason, our entire O’terra product line is designed, developed and […]

Our secret – in 6 steps – to give your face the perfect glow

04 August 2022

Without a doubt, using our O’terra products on a regular basis is a real winner! But how can you get even more out of it to give your face a boost? Give it a little boost during the times of the year when it suffers the most. You’re lucky. We’ll let you in on our […]

The body wrap: a relaxing treatment to discover

30 June 2022

The body wrap, the only relaxing treatment that it is always pleasant to offer yourself for a me time at the height of the person you are.   First thing first, sea salt exfoliation! It is important to prepare the body to receive a treatment, as it is for the face, in order to optimize […]

The perfect guide to enjoy the summer sale!

02 June 2022

OHH YES!  Our warehouse sale was so popular that we are happy to offer you a summer sale from June 2nd to 5th inclusively! The perfect opportunity to get local & natural products to start the summer off right! To help you choose your products (or to create some needs hehe), here is a small […]

Why make bar products part of your daily routine?

20 April 2022

At the O’terra Clinic, we try every day to make simple gestures to preserve the environment & to take care of the planet we live on. Because we care about our beautiful planet. Here are 7 good reasons to adopt O’terra bar products: One O’terra bar replaces 2 to 3 plastic bottles. The bar products […]

Perte de poids

Get ready for summer with us!

05 April 2022

And yes, we can officially say that spring is just around the corner! Spring is the perfect time to get your treatments done to be ready for summer. It’s more than important to feel good about yourself to make the most out of the upcoming summer, what do you think? First, let’s talk about cellulite! […]

Let’s demystify collagen

21 February 2022

A little history to better understand… The term “collagen” comes from the Greek word kolla which means glue. I can already hear you asking “Okay, but what it’s all about?!” Well, without this wonderful component, the body would simply fall apart! Fascinating, isn’t it? It is indeed thanks to it that our tissues & organs (including […]

The Importance of Hydrating Inside Out

01 February 2022

Did you know that the body is composed of a very large proportion of water in the skin, organs and more? It is easier to understand the importance of hydrating to ensure the well-being and proper functioning of our body. Hydration of the skin (externally) Why? Our skin must be treated with care for several […]

Why a detox?!

18 January 2022

But where does this craze for our natural supplements come from? Beauty from the inside out: a few words that perfectly summarize our vision at O’terra. Indeed, we fundamentally believe that in order to take care of ourselves, it is important to listen to our entire body, both externally and internally. As we all know, […]

Detox FAQ

We noticed your high interest in the subject of detox and the many questions that were raised. So we thought it would be appropriate to summarize everything in this FAQ to make it easier for you! What supplements should I take to do my detox? It depends on your needs. We offer supplements that cover […]

Our top 4 activities to take care of yourself during the winter season

11 January 2022

Ah winter, this time of the year when we sometimes lack inspiration to occupy our days. That’s why we had fun creating a top 4 list of activities to do to take care of yourself during this cold season! 1- Outside activities It’s a great way to get moving while enjoying the fresh air, which […]

5 facts about natural products

04 January 2022

As you may have already noticed, we enjoy developing all-natural products! Here are 5 interesting facts about our natural products:   1. They are usually suitable for skin with certain problems: the composition of natural ingredients in the O’terra products ensures a product that is gentler and better tolerated by different skin types.   2. […]

Our Gift Ideas | O’terra for Christmas

16 December 2021

The holiday season is upon us and we know how difficult it can be to choose the perfect gift for your loved ones. So we are more than happy to provide you with some gift ideas for the occasion! 1- Christmas box A real box of happiness! Our Christmas boxes are personalized to make your […]

FAQ on our face suction cups and our jojoba face balm

23 November 2021

Why does the set include two suction cups? The small suction cup is used on areas of the face where the skin is not too thin such as the cheeks, forehead, chin & chest. The mini suction cup is used on areas of the face where the skin is thinner such as around the eyes […]

5 reasons to love O’terra dry shampoo

18 November 2021

1. It will accompany you wherever you want, whether it is simply in your home, during a stay in a hotel, in a wilderness camping or in a cottage.   2. Believe it or not, it is natural, animal cruelty free & ecological. We love it!   3. All the benefits of a dry shampoo, […]

What does O’terra stand for?!

29 October 2021

A bit of history… Aniska Picard-Perron, the owner-founder & naturotherapist of Clinique O’terra, is passionate about global health. She advocates balance for a healthy lifestyle. Nothing less! Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, and having herself a strong business sense, she always knew that she would operate her own enterprise, one day or another. She […]

An evaluation to better guide you!

26 October 2021

You would like to benefit from treatments offered in our clinic, but you hesitate because you don’t know which one would be the best for you?! “Hello Clinique O’terra! I would love to come to your clinic for treatments, but I don’t know which treatment would be the most appropriate for me…” Know that you […]

Nourishing & moisturizing your skin: two different things

19 October 2021

First of all, did you know that the skin is an organ? Yes, the largest organ in the body, nothing less! So, you can understand the importance of taking good care of it. Like every other organ, it needs to be properly nourished and hydrated to give you the best of itself.   For example, […]


7 facts about O’terra suction cups & body firming balm

09 October 2021

The homemade cellulite-fighting treatment to do in the comfort of your own home! The must-do at the time of day that is most convenient for you! It’s a great way to combine convenience with pleasure: do a treatment while watching a good show, while watching the kids or while sunbathing outside! As easy to use […]

5 essentials for healthy & glowing skin

23 September 2021

There are so many products available on the market and so much information available on the subject. It is so easy to get lost! Hopefully, we’re here to help you out! That’s exactly why we’ve put together a little checklist based on your skin’s needs. Here are 5 needs of your skin, and therefore, 5 […]

Your best tools against cellulite

16 August 2021

Now that the concept of cellulite and its causes are well understood, you may be wondering how to treat this condition! There are definitely many ways to prevent the appearance of cellulite or to reduce it. So, here’s what you need to know: Eating a balanced diet: provides all the essential nutrients the body needs […]

Cellulite: but why?!

Although we understand what cellulite means and represents, we often wonder why some people are more likely to have it than others. Why not learn more about the causes of cellulite? Did you know? Cellulite will affect nearly 90% of women during their lifetime compared to 2% of men! Indeed, cellulite affects almost exclusively women […]

Cellulite: what is it actually?!

Ah, the cellulite! Many people are affected by cellulite, but do you really know what it is? No matter which word we are referring to, orange peel skin, dimples and cellulite are all terms that refer to the same aesthetic – and sometimes functional – concern for women! In brief, cellulite is simply a cluster […]

At O’terra, it’s animal cruelty free!

26 July 2021

Who wouldn’t fall in love with this little thing full of love? Wampum loves playing with the O’terra’s products! But why?! Maybe she simply knows that they are certified animal cruelty free, made with natural ingredients & handmade in Quebec! And you are probably wondering what the term ”animal cruelty free” actually means?! In other […]

Baume pour le corps

Our body balm reinvented!

22 June 2021

We usually announce our new products in advance, BUT this time, we wanted to make it different! Yes, we did! Which means that some of you may already have the chance to have this product in your hands! Speaking of change, we’re talking about one of the first products in the already popular O’terra line […]

The partner of our bar products

03 June 2021

Ahhh those famous bar products! We love those natural and ecological products for their multiple benefits, but the question that comes up most often is probably the following: “Hello Clinique O’terra! I want to tell you that I love your bar products. I really do! But how can I make them last even longer?!” Even […]

Why do we like matcha so much?

22 May 2021

Matcha is definitely a “favorite” ingredient at O’terra. Many of you have asked us what makes it so special to us. First of all, here are a few reasons why matcha consumption is interesting: 1. It is a healthy source of energy Matcha, like coffee & energy drinks, contains caffeine. However, unlike these types of […]

Citrus fruits: why do we love them so much?

16 May 2021

You have probably noticed our great enthusiasm for citrus fruits. Who wouldn’t?! Several natural products of our O’terra line are citrus based. That’s right! Not only do citrus fruits smell divine, they also have countless benefits. In addition to stimulating our immune system, promoting digestion and protecting the heart (thanks to their richness in magnesium, […]

Our gift ideas | Taking care of a mom

30 April 2021

Mother’s Day is coming. What a joy it is to celebrate all the love, tenderness & attention of a mother every year! We thought it would be a good idea to share our gift ideas with you so that you can give a wonderful mother – or mother-to-be – that you cherish, the pleasure of […]

Here is THE daily routine for a hydrated & healthy face

25 April 2021

Ah, skincare products! There are so many that it’s easy to get lost. That’s why we chose to create our O’terra line of products to suit all skin types. Yes, it can! But even so, one question comes up often. Very often. « Hello Clinique O’terra! I love your products. I love them all. I […]

FAQ about our body suction cups & matcha firming balm

22 March 2021

We thought it would be a good idea to share with you our answers to the questions that come up most often in regards to the use of our body suction cups & matcha firming balm. Enjoy reading! Is it normal that body suction cups are painful for me? Some people experience more sensitivity than […]

Hello dream hair!

18 March 2021

Do you know anyone who doesn’t want to have beautiful, strong, healthy hair? Well, not us. That’s why we decided to introduce you to the O’terra hair care line. This line was thought and designed to promote hair growth, while being healthy and ecological. Yes, yes. It can be. We present you all the products […]

How to help your weight loss in a healthy and effective way

01 March 2021

Ah, weight loss! It is so “taboo” to talk about it, because it is unfortunately too often associated with a precise vision of what a “perfect body” is.  But oh! That’s not what we’re talking about here. You have to understand us. Here, we don’t promote a certain standard of body, because body diversity is […]

Prevent & reduce stretch marks, it’s possible!

10 February 2021

We often repeat it. Stretch marks are not dangerous. But that doesn’t mean you want to have them! In any case, we have never heard a client ask us: « Is there anything you can recommend so that I can see stretch marks on my body please? » However, the opposite often happens. Very often. […]

8 facts about stretch marks

Although they are natural and harmless to health, some people feel embarrassed or uncomfortable with their stretch marks, which are created by their bodies without asking for it.  Several variables come into play to understand why and how stretch marks suddenly appear. It is therefore quite easy to get lost!  Here are 8 facts about […]

When to start again your body treatments after pregnancy?

27 January 2021

You don’t learn anything by telling you that pregnancy leaves marks on women’s bodies. Marks that we see and others that we don’t see. Marks that we like and others that we don’t like so much. Marks that we accept and others that bother us. It depends, because every woman & every body is different. […]

Three common problems during pregnancy

26 January 2021

With all the happiness that pregnancy brings generally comes more often than not its bunch of “marks” on the body. Although these are natural and harmless to the health of the woman & the baby, they are still uncomfortable for some. Here, we’re not only talking about the stretched belly and the aspects that are […]

Demystifying skin elasticity

24 January 2021

We hear all kinds of them. Some classic, some funky and some more controversial. There are all kinds of tips, “miracle” recipes and products to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. And everyone believes strongly in their solution. “I didn’t have any stretch marks in my first two pregnancies, so I don’t figure why I’ll have […]

What causes water retention?!

17 January 2021

You feel it. You see it. You recognize it. Water retention is, to your dismay, part of your life. Thankfully, it’s usually not serious. But yes, we all agree that it’s annoying! Whether you have recognized it through common symptoms or with the precious advice of a health care professional, you will probably look for […]

Our tips to eliminate water retention

Water retention, whoa! What a burden for the people who suffer from it! Several factors can be responsible for this accumulation of water in the tissues and unfortunately, everything happens inside the body. And it does! But although this condition is less visible than cellulite, stretch marks or acne for example, it is still possible […]

The main signs of water retention

Water retention – known as edema in medical jargon – is not well known because it is less visible than cellulite, for example. Yet it is so common! This condition – whose causes are various – can sometimes even be a barrier preventing the effective treatment of other problems, namely cellulite & excess of weight. […]

Your mask makes your facial skin suffer?!

01 December 2020

No no, it’s not a myth! Although it is currently mandatory, wearing a mask causes some discomfort to our facial skin. Some people experience irritation or very dry skin while others will see pimples or blackheads appear more than usual. But, why? The fabric blocks air, which prevents the skin from oxygenating; Our skin is […]