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The partner of our bar products

03 June 2021

Ahhh those famous bar products! We love those natural and ecological products for their multiple benefits, but the question that comes up most often is probably the following: “Hello Clinique O’terra! I want to tell you that I love your bar products. I really do! But how can I make them last even longer?!” Even […]

Why do we like matcha so much?

22 May 2021

Matcha is definitely a “favorite” ingredient at O’terra. Many of you have asked us what makes it so special to us. First of all, here are a few reasons why matcha consumption is interesting: 1. It is a healthy source of energy Matcha, like coffee & energy drinks, contains caffeine. However, unlike these types of […]

Citrus fruits: why do we love them so much?

16 May 2021

You have probably noticed our great enthusiasm for citrus fruits. Who wouldn’t?! Several natural products of our O’terra line are citrus based. That’s right! Not only do citrus fruits smell divine, they also have countless benefits. In addition to stimulating our immune system, promoting digestion and protecting the heart (thanks to their richness in magnesium, […]

Our gift ideas | Taking care of a mom

30 April 2021

Mother’s Day is coming. What a joy it is to celebrate all the love, tenderness & attention of a mother every year! We thought it would be a good idea to share our gift ideas with you so that you can give a wonderful mother – or mother-to-be – that you cherish, the pleasure of […]

Here is THE daily routine for a hydrated & healthy face

25 April 2021

Ah, skincare products! There are so many that it’s easy to get lost. That’s why we chose to create our O’terra line of products to suit all skin types. Yes, it can! But even so, one question comes up often. Very often. « Hello Clinique O’terra! I love your products. I love them all. I […]

FAQ about our body suction cups & matcha firming balm

22 March 2021

We thought it would be a good idea to share with you our answers to the questions that come up most often in regards to the use of our body suction cups & matcha firming balm. Enjoy reading! Is it normal that body suction cups are painful for me? Some people experience more sensitivity than […]

Hello dream hair!

18 March 2021

Do you know anyone who doesn’t want to have beautiful, strong, healthy hair? Well, not us. That’s why we decided to introduce you to the O’terra hair care line. This line was thought and designed to promote hair growth, while being healthy and ecological. Yes, yes. It can be. We present you all the products […]

How to help your weight loss in a healthy and effective way

01 March 2021

Ah, weight loss! It is so “taboo” to talk about it, because it is unfortunately too often associated with a precise vision of what a “perfect body” is.  But oh! That’s not what we’re talking about here. You have to understand us. Here, we don’t promote a certain standard of body, because body diversity is […]

Prevent & reduce stretch marks, it’s possible!

10 February 2021

We often repeat it. Stretch marks are not dangerous. But that doesn’t mean you want to have them! In any case, we have never heard a client ask us: « Is there anything you can recommend so that I can see stretch marks on my body please? » However, the opposite often happens. Very often. […]

8 facts about stretch marks

Although they are natural and harmless to health, some people feel embarrassed or uncomfortable with their stretch marks, which are created by their bodies without asking for it.  Several variables come into play to understand why and how stretch marks suddenly appear. It is therefore quite easy to get lost!  Here are 8 facts about […]

When to start again your body treatments after pregnancy?

27 January 2021

You don’t learn anything by telling you that pregnancy leaves marks on women’s bodies. Marks that we see and others that we don’t see. Marks that we like and others that we don’t like so much. Marks that we accept and others that bother us. It depends, because every woman & every body is different. […]

Three common problems during pregnancy

26 January 2021

With all the happiness that pregnancy brings generally comes more often than not its bunch of “marks” on the body. Although these are natural and harmless to the health of the woman & the baby, they are still uncomfortable for some. Here, we’re not only talking about the stretched belly and the aspects that are […]

Demystifying skin elasticity

24 January 2021

We hear all kinds of them. Some classic, some funky and some more controversial. There are all kinds of tips, “miracle” recipes and products to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. And everyone believes strongly in their solution. “I didn’t have any stretch marks in my first two pregnancies, so I don’t figure why I’ll have […]

What causes water retention?!

17 January 2021

You feel it. You see it. You recognize it. Water retention is, to your dismay, part of your life. Thankfully, it’s usually not serious. But yes, we all agree that it’s annoying! Whether you have recognized it through common symptoms or with the precious advice of a health care professional, you will probably look for […]

Our tips to eliminate water retention

Water retention, whoa! What a burden for the people who suffer from it! Several factors can be responsible for this accumulation of water in the tissues and unfortunately, everything happens inside the body. And it does! But although this condition is less visible than cellulite, stretch marks or acne for example, it is still possible […]

The main signs of water retention

Water retention – known as edema in medical jargon – is not well known because it is less visible than cellulite, for example. Yet it is so common! This condition – whose causes are various – can sometimes even be a barrier preventing the effective treatment of other problems, namely cellulite & excess of weight. […]

Your mask makes your facial skin suffer?!

01 December 2020

No no, it’s not a myth! Although it is currently mandatory, wearing a mask causes some discomfort to our facial skin. Some people experience irritation or very dry skin while others will see pimples or blackheads appear more than usual. But, why? The fabric blocks air, which prevents the skin from oxygenating; Our skin is […]