Men’s skincare routine: how to choose the right products

30 March 2023


Having a proper skincare routine is not just for women! This article reveals the main steps of an effective skincare routine for men.


Understanding men’s skin


First and foremost, it is important to understand men’s skin to determine better which skin care products to choose.

Men have thicker skin than women. This is partly due to the naturally higher level of collagen in their skin, which is caused by the male hormone testosterone. However, testosterone does not only have a positive effect on men’s skin; it also causes a higher production of sebum. As a result, they are more likely to have oily and/or acne-prone skin and larger pores.

That being said, dry skin is not uncommon. Frequent shaving makes the skin more prone to dryness, irritation, inflammation and even infection! Working outdoors or in dry areas also dries out the skin a lot.

Therefore, a complete and personalized skincare routine is essential!


Determine your skin type


In order to find out which skincare products are best suited to your skin, it is important to identify your skin type. This will also help you navigate the clinic’s website.


> Dry skin: Dry skin lacks moisture and usually results in tightness and more chapping.
> Oily skin: Oily skin has increased sebum production. More dilated pores and more buttons are usually observed.
> Mature skin: Mature skin shows signs of aging, such as sagging skin and/or wrinkles and fine lines.


Remember that it is possible (and quite common) to have mixed skin (a combination of several skin types). For example, certain areas of the face may be oily (such as the famous T-zone) while the rest of the skin is rather dry. In such cases, it is important to adapt your skincare product to the area of the face to be treated.


Add these 2 steps to your routine


Whatever your skin type, a good skincare routine starts with these two steps:


  1. Cleanse your face.

    It’s essential to use an antibacterial cleanser to prevent pimples or folliculitis from close shaving. Our cleansing bar is a great ally! Formulated with lime, shea butter and oatmeal, it’s antibacterial, deep cleanses pores to remove any accumulated impurities and leaves a pleasant citrus scent.

  2. Moisturize your skin.

    Whether you have oily or dry skin, moisturizing is essential. We suggest O’terra moisturizing and mattifying cream. As it is suitable for all skin types, it can be applied as a moisturizing base followed by one or more facial mists, depending on your skin type.


Personalize your routine according to your skin type


The next steps will allow you to take your routine a step further by customizing your products to your skin type.


> Dry skin:

For skin that needs more hydration, we recommend using the hyaluronic acid serum prior to the cream. It is also better to use the clementine & calendula mist, which, with its carefully selected ingredients, soothes, sanitizes, regenerates and tones the skin. To further soothe the skin, when necessary, the moisturizing and soothing mask should also be used!


> Oily skin:

For more oily, acne-prone skin, we recommend combining the cream with the lime & tea tree mist. In addition to being pleasant to apply, it helps regulate sebum production and fight bacteria that cause pimples. The purifying and detoxifying mask is also a great ally to use a few times a week to detoxify, eliminate impurities and regulate sebum production.

Lastly, to reduce the appearance of a pimple or blackhead, we recommend using the magic anti-imperfection powder! It helps tighten pores, reduce inflammation and camouflage redness (a must for small pimples caused by shaving, wearing a work helmet or even wearing a sports chin strap). In fact, to sanitize helmets and chinstraps, you can spray our sanitizing mist on them a few times a week.


> Mature skin:

If you are showing signs of aging, we recommend combining the moisturizer with the lemon & cucumber mist that helps regenerate cells and prevent skin aging. Additionally, you can use the firming & regenerating mask to further fight the signs of aging and give your skin a glow.



At O’terra, since all of our products are formulated with natural ingredients and citrus scents, they are suitable for both men and women.

Hopefully this article has provided you with the knowledge to make an informed choice on your next order! 💚

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