Our body treatments


The O’terra Clinic offers various body treatments. Whether it is to treat cellulite, tighten up your body, refine your silhouette, reduce your stretch marks or get rid of toxins and water retention, we will help you. Several alternatives are available at the clinic for optimal results. Depending on your profile and goal, we will evaluate which body treatment or combinations of them will offer the best results. At O’terra, the technologies employed are the most efficient on the market. Come and meet us, we will be pleased to evaluate your needs and offer you the appropriate care.

Slimwave & Infratherapy Treatment
(local weight loss and body tightening)

Duration: 40 minutes

Cost: $100/ session

Package available

Kuma treatment
(anti-cellulite and water retention)

Duration: 40 minutes

Cost: $100/ session

Package available

Celluskin treatment
(smoother appearance of the skin by increasing collagen, reducing stretch marks and dislodging fat deposits)

Duration: between 25 and 55 minutes

Cost: between $200 to $400/ session

Package available

Body wraps and exfoliation with Dead Sea salts
(body wraps made of seaweed, cocoa and coffee to reduce water retention, activate blood circulation and detoxify the body by eliminating toxins and replenishing vitamins/minerals)

Duration: 1h30

Cost: $150/ session

Package available

PSX treatment
(water retention, blood circulation & muscular recuperation)

Duration: 40 minutes

Cost: 75$/ session

Package available

*This treatment est compatible with pregnant women.

Microneedling processing
(stretch marks and scars on the body)

Duration: between 30 and 45 minutes

Cost: between $75 to $125/ session depending on the area worked

Package available


  • It is possible to buy sessions of our treatments directly on our website in the shop section under the body treatments category. There is no expiration date on your sessions.

Why the O'terra Clinic for your body treatments?

At O’terra, the results are as important to us as they are to you! We take our customers satisfaction to heart. That is why we take care to select high-performance, state-of-the-art instruments. Allowing you to feel good about yourself is a team effort. Come meet us and let us take care of you!

Other services offered

We offer several options to take care of you.

O’terra Line

An exclusive line of natural products and beauty tools, handmade in Quebec, to take care of you at home.

Body treatments

Various treatments to treat your cellulite, firm up your body, reduce stretch marks, detoxify your system, reduce water retention or refine your silhouette.

Nutritional Coaching

Personalized eating plans adapted to each situation to lose weight or simply integrate good eating habits.