A large variety of O'terra products


The O’terra Clinic now offers an exclusive line of natural beauty products and tools. This line has been tailored for the clinic to offer the best quality at competitive prices.

Each product and tool have been tested, compared, and evaluated many times over the months. As our team is very active in the research and development of new products, we offer you nothing less than innovative products to help you achieve the results you desire.

Our products are mainly composed of natural and organic components and are not tested on animals. Whether it is to moisturize your skin, reduce the appearance of stretch marks, reduce cellulite, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, or to whiten your teeth, O’terra products will meet your needs. You can get our products at the O’terra Clinic or directly on our website.


Why choose the O’terra products

At O’terra Clinic, product quality is fundamental. Each of our product and tool have been tested, compared ,and evaluated repeatedly over the months in order to obtain superior quality products. You can come and meet us at the clinic or order one of our products directly online.

Other services offered

We offer several options to take care of you.

O’terra Line

An exclusive line of natural products and beauty tools, handmade in Quebec, to take care of you at home.

Body treatments

Various treatments to treat your cellulite, firm up your body, reduce stretch marks, detoxify your system, reduce water retention or refine your silhouette.


A lab focused on your needs