The body wrap: a relaxing treatment to discover

30 June 2022

The body wrap, the only relaxing treatment that it is always pleasant to offer yourself for a me time at the height of the person you are.   First thing first, sea salt exfoliation! It is important to prepare the body to receive a treatment, as it is for the face, in order to optimize […]

Why a detox?!

18 January 2022

But where does this craze for our natural supplements come from? Beauty from the inside out: a few words that perfectly summarize our vision at O’terra. Indeed, we fundamentally believe that in order to take care of ourselves, it is important to listen to our entire body, both externally and internally. As we all know, […]

Detox FAQ

18 January 2022

We noticed your high interest in the subject of detox and the many questions that were raised. So we thought it would be appropriate to summarize everything in this FAQ to make it easier for you! What supplements should I take to do my detox? It depends on your needs. We offer supplements that cover […]