Our tips to eliminate water retention

17 January 2021

Water retention, whoa! What a burden for the people who suffer from it!

Several factors can be responsible for this accumulation of water in the tissues and unfortunately, everything happens inside the body. And it does! But although this condition is less visible than cellulite, stretch marks or acne for example, it is still possible to identify it with the help of certain signs that are usually not misleading.

Recognizing it is already the first step! But once it’s done, what can be done to facilitate its treatment?!

Above all, what better way to solve the problem than to investigate the problem at its source. By definition, an edema – called “water retention” in common use – is an abnormal accumulation of fluid from the blood in the intercellular spaces of a tissue.

This means understanding that any activity that activates blood circulation will be beneficial in reducing or even eliminating it.

We have therefore put together our tips & alternatives to allow you to reduce your water retention and thus, to feel better in your body with this condition:

  1. Drink a lot of water. It’s a cliché, but how true! It remains the basis for keeping your body well hydrated.
  2. Decrease your salt intake. In fact, salt accumulates in the body tissues, attracts water, retains it (ps: that’s why you feel thirsty when you eat salty food) & prevents its elimination. By cooking more at home, you can better control what’s on your plate and therefore the salt content of the food you eat.
  3. Take natural detoxifying products. Taking red vine supplements is recommended because this natural product greatly activates blood circulation. In capsule form, just take two capsules, three times a day, for one month. In liquid form, it is necessary to take 20 to 40 drops per day for one month as well to be beneficial to reduce water retention. to decrease water retention. A “must”!
    Red vine in capsule form

    Red vine in liquid form
  4. Move more! Whether sitting or standing, static positions obstruct adequate blood circulation. Take walks, exercise and get up regularly. It doesn’t matter, but move!
  5. Regularly massage areas affected by water retention. The O’terra roulette has been specially designed for deep massage to relieve tissue congestion, drain water retention & activate blood circulation. This beauty tool is of course ideal for people who have water retention, but also for those who are sensitive when using our body suction cups, who work in static positions (standing or sitting) and who feel heaviness or fatigue in their legs. Painless, the O’terra roulette is very pleasant to use!
  6. Eat potassium-rich foods, such as avocado, spinach, dried fruit, soybeans, cucumbers, mushrooms, etc. Potassium helps the kidneys to function properly and therefore, allows for better elimination of water in the tissues through urine.
  7. Treat yourself with detoxifying treatments, occasionally or as a cure, i.e. once a week for a month. The famous “body wrap” treatment at the clinic greatly helps to reduce water retention. Filled with vitamins & minerals, this treatment activates blood circulation & allows the body to “detox” by eliminating toxins. The O’terra body wrap’s blend of seaweed, cocoa & coffee is simply infallible against water retention. A “must” to relax while taking good care of your body!Wrap corporel O'terra
  8. Prefer herbal teas and avoid tea, coffee & alcohol. Although these last beverages – which are well anchored in our daily lives & our “guilty” pleasures – are diuretics, they dehydrate your body. Remember our tip #1. You don’t want to “cancel” your hydration efforts! In fact, our “Ciao water retention” herbal tea is specially designed in collaboration with Monsieur T. to fight water retention. Because yes, drinking a liquid to have less water, it can happen. Simply trust us.

Of course, there are many other tricks to treat this condition, but we believe that by gradually integrating these into your habits, you will feel better in your body!


Clinique O’terra offers a wide range of natural products, beauty tools & body treatments to help you take care of yourself. Do not hesitate to visit our website www.cliniqueoterra.com or to contact us for more information.

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