The main signs of water retention

17 January 2021

Water retention – known as edema in medical jargon – is not well known because it is less visible than cellulite, for example. Yet it is so common!

This condition – whose causes are various – can sometimes even be a barrier preventing the effective treatment of other problems, namely cellulite & excess of weight.

So, how do you know if you are affected?

We thought it would be a good idea to identify the main signs of water retention for you:

  • Unexplained weight gain or swelling of up to ten pounds
  • Marks left by clothes on the feet, calves, ankles and fingers
  • Persistent sensitivity when using the body suction cups & matcha balm to fight cellulite >>> this sensitivity is usually due to tissue engorgement & water retention
  • An effect of numbness, engorgement or stiffness on certain body parts
  • The body’s ends (fingers, nose, toes) often cold
  • A feeling of heaviness or swelling in the legs
  • A feeling of localized heat on the affected parts of the body
  • The tendency of the skin to mark or bruise easily

Do you recognize at least two or three of these symptoms in yourself? If you do, you may be suffering from water retention!

Although it is not dangerous to your health, this condition can be quite overwhelming and even unpleasant for those affected. You get it, don’t you?!

Recognizing it is the first step to facilitate its treatment.

And fortunately, we have several tips & alternatives to help you reduce water retention and better live with this problem in your body.


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