What causes water retention?!

17 January 2021

You feel it. You see it. You recognize it. Water retention is, to your dismay, part of your life.

Thankfully, it’s usually not serious. But yes, we all agree that it’s annoying!

Whether you have recognized it through common symptoms or with the precious advice of a health care professional, you will probably look for solutions to help you reduce water retention and to help you live with this problem in your body.

To do so, it would be a good idea to first understand the origin of the problem. You will then be better prepared to change a few habits or do things differently.

Here are some non-exhaustive causes that we have identified to help you:

  • Enemy number 1: salt

We often talk about it. When you eat too much salt, you feel thirsty. That’s because salt traps water in your body tissues and prevents it from being eliminated. Unfortunately, salt is very present in our diet. Therefore, we should avoid prepared foods, preservatives, concentrated broths, cold cuts, etc. as much as possible.

  • Poor blood circulation

We hear a lot about that too. In fact, it’s simple. By definition, water retention is an abnormal accumulation of fluid from the blood in the intercellular spaces of a tissue. The reasons for poor blood circulation vary. It can be very harmless, but sometimes certain diseases come into play. We can talk about venous insufficiency, heart failure, kidney failure, etc. If in doubt, it is best to consult a health professional.

  • Static positions

Whether sitting or standing, prolonged static positions cause fluid to stagnate in the legs, accumulating in the same places and preventing its elimination. In short, whether you work sitting at a desk or walking from one client to another all day long, you can be just as affected by water retention.

  • Hormones

Water retention is no exception to the various ” problems ” due to hormonal changes. Women are mainly affected by this condition due to estrogen. It is therefore easy to understand that certain phases of life can be more uncomfortable, for example the ovulation period, pregnancy, menopause, etc.

  • Heat

During the summer months, you will probably find that you feel more bloated. Sometimes the marks left by your clothes on your ankles or calves are more frequent or intense. This is because the heat expands your blood vessels, causing the water in your body to escape and become trapped in your body tissues. If you are affected by water retention, it is best to avoid hot spots, seek shade or take cold showers (woah!).

  • Taking medication

Whether we are talking about contraceptive pills, corticosteroids, high blood pressure treatments, anti-inflammatory drugs, hormone treatments or others, certain medications are predisposed to weight gain through water retention, in particular.

We really hope that these few causes explain some of the swelling in your legs, the marks left by your clothes, sensitivity when you make your body suction cups, unexplained weight gain or your feelings of numbness. But in any case, if you have doubts or if nothing can be explained, you should consult a health care professional. Got it, right?!


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