Cellulite: what is it actually?!

16 August 2021

Ah, the cellulite!

Many people are affected by cellulite, but do you really know what it is?

No matter which word we are referring to, orange peel skin, dimples and cellulite are all terms that refer to the same aesthetic – and sometimes functional – concern for women!

In brief, cellulite is simply a cluster of fat cells that tends to form mainly on the thighs, buttocks and abdomen. It can also be found in other areas such as the arms and calves.

It is characterized by the dimpled and irregular appearance that it gives to the skin, which is similar to the texture of orange peel skin.

It is possible to observe several stages of cellulite.

Stage 1: the cellulite is only noticeable when pinching the skin and it is usually possible to make it disappear completely.

Stage 2: the orange peel effect is visible at all times and is usually due to circulatory problems, poor diet or lack of physical activity. It is still possible to make it disappear completely.

Stage 3: the fat cells are larger and there is usually water retention. However, it is still possible to treat the area and remove the cellulite, but over a longer period of time.

Stage 4: fibrous cellulite is deeply present and often even hard and painful when touched. Since it has been in the body for a long time, it is more difficult to eliminate it, although it is possible.

You may recognize the condition of your skin in the different stages mentioned above!

Well, don’t panic… because whatever the cause, there are always solutions!!




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