Cellulite: but why?!

16 August 2021

Although we understand what cellulite means and represents, we often wonder why some people are more likely to have it than others.

Why not learn more about the causes of cellulite?

Did you know?

Cellulite will affect nearly 90% of women during their lifetime compared to 2% of men!

Indeed, cellulite affects almost exclusively women (the “lucky” ones, hihi)!

There are several reasons why cellulite is mostly found in women:

  1. The hormonal system: estrogen can be responsible for swelling, water retention and cellulite. Female hormonal variations are known to be the main cause of cellulite. We understand that puberty, pregnancy, breastfeeding, menstruation and menopause are all triggers.

  2. Blood circulation: circulatory problems, which affect 1 out of 2 women, generally increase the chances of being more sensitive to the appearance of cellulite. This is one of the reasons why water retention is so closely linked to cellulite (our “Say Goodbye to Water Retention” set is an interesting option to help reducing it).

  3. Morphology: due to the size and distribution of fat cells that vary according to gender, women have a greater tendency to accumulate fat in the lower body. Since cellulite tends to be found in this area (hips, buttocks, thighs and knees), it is not surprising that women are the most affected.

  4. Age: from the age of 25, the natural production of collagen gradually decreases, leaving the skin less supple and less firm.

  5. Heredity, physical exercise, diet, stress and consumption habits : they are all factors that influence the appearance of dimples.

Here you go! It is always interesting to understand a condition, especially when it concerns us. This understanding remains one of the bases to accept it, but also to help reduce it.

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