Gift guide for budgets of $50 or less

8 December 2022

You want to gift natural, animal cruelty-free, handmade products in Quebec, but you’d rather not pay more than $50?! Look no further! Whatever your budget, we have THE perfect gift for you.


>> Your budget is between $5 and $20?

Sanitizing mist ($20*) – Made with tangerine, vitamin B5 and aloe vera, our O’terra mist is essential for sanitizing fabrics that touch the face (scarf, neck warmer, turtleneck, pillow) to prevent pimples! A m-u-s-t for the winter season.

Fresh soap and exfoliating pouch ($10 each*) – A soap that nourishes, soothes, moisturizes & softens the skin: a dream! It is also possible to buy it in duo with the exfoliating pouch to complete this body treatment.

Bath bomb (6$*) – This idea is for all cocooning night lovers! Our bath bomb is all-natural and will recreate a spa-like ambiance at home!

Lip balm ($10*) – The lip balm will delight the one who receives it. Enriched with argan oil, grape seed oil, beeswax and orange, it leaves lips moisturized and lightly scented!

Foot care slippers ($20*) – Another gift that everyone will love! Foot slippers give feet a second life. Pair them with our silky butter for extra results. Pssst…they’re stretchy enough to fit all foot sizes.




>> Your budget is between 20 and 30$?

Dry shampoo ($30*) – It is effective, waste-free and above all, safe for the planet and your health: the ideal gift!

3 facial masks ($25 each*) – Our facial masks are made with ingredients that have been carefully selected for their skincare properties. We have the moisturizing & soothing mask, the purifying & detoxifying mask and the firming & regenerating mask.

3 face mists ($25 each*) – Our face mists are packed with amazing properties that refresh the complexion and offer a glow to the skin. We have the mist for mature skin, the mist for dry skin and the mist for oily skin.

Luminous eye serum ($30*) – The perfect gift for self-care days or to cover up shorter nights! Thanks to the coffee seed & cucumber extracts it contains, the serum offers decongesting & draining properties. The aloe vera, on the other hand, allows it to smooth and reduce wrinkles & fine lines around the eyes.

Anti-blemish magic powder ($25*) – A handy gift: this mini bottle with great power will save your skin! Say goodbye to pimples and blackheads.



>> Your budget is between 30 and 40$?

Makeup remover/face wash ($40*) – At O’terra, it’s called our must-have! Why? Because not only does it create a creamy foam that’s nice to apply, but its biodegradable cleanser also deeply cleanses pores without irritating them.

3-in-1 dermaroller ($40*) – This is a beauty tool that everyone will love! Specifically designed to reduce scars and stretch marks and improve skin texture, its three tips allow you to work on the face, lips and body!

Glowing scrub & face brush ($40*) – No matter what type of skin one has, this exfoliator will brighten, firm, and leave skin feeling like a baby’s bottom with a fine grain that works gently.

Nourishing silky butter ($40*) – This butter is sure to be a hit with men and women! The product is effective for dry skin, chapped lips, dry hands, scars and stretch mark prevention.



>> Your budget is 50$?

Reusable cotton pads & gentle micellar water (50$*) – A gift that is as useful as it is pleasant to receive. This duo will remove all the impurities accumulated on the face & will gently remove the makeup from the skin, improving its overall appearance.

Moisturizing & mattifying face cream ($50*) – Give hydration as a gift! Our moisturizing cream is suitable for all skin types & offers unmatched hydration.

Hyaluronic acid & matcha serum ($50*) – The hyaluronic acid serum gives the radiant skin we have always wanted. It provides the maximum amount of hyaluronic acid that the skin can absorb, which helps to improve hydration & firmness in addition to diminishing fine lines & wrinkles.

*Please note that the prices mentioned do not include taxes.



This year, we have also added the option of writing a personalized Christmas gift card! Simply write your text in the “Écrire ma carte de Noël” tab during checkout & we will handwrite your message on an O’terra card!

This way, you can send your gift directly to the person you wish to send it to or complete a gift exchange!

Psst… let us know if you are interested in a gift guide for larger budgets!


Happy Holidays!


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