Why make bar products part of your daily routine?

20 April 2022

At the O’terra Clinic, we try every day to make simple gestures to preserve the environment & to take care of the planet we live on.

Because we care about our beautiful planet.

Here are 7 good reasons to adopt O’terra bar products:

  1. One O’terra bar replaces 2 to 3 plastic bottles.
  2. The bar products are biodegradable (very practical for your stays in nature), the environmental impact is therefore less.
  3. Being more compact, the impact of packaging and transportation is minimized.
  4. Made with all-natural ingredients, they are better for you, your hair and our planet.
  5. Encourage local, handmade & animal cruelty free products.
  6. Despite what you might think, bar products last much longer than liquid products (don’t let their smaller size fool you, hehe).
  7. Speaking of tiny size, they are more convenient (and lightweight) for your travels or to simply store them at home.

In addition to being high quality, these products are environmentally friendly choices.

In short, a must in 2022!

Several O’terra’s products are available to you to contribute to the well-being of our planet:

Makeup remover and cleansing facial bar

Composé de lime dont les propriétés sont antibactériennes, il crée une mousse agréable qui nettoie et assainit la peau en profondeur. Il convient à tous les types de peau & son odeur délicate est appréciée autant par les hommes que par les femmes.

Shampoo bar

A shampoo that will wrap your scalp in a creamy foam like a liquid product, while promoting hair growth & keeping them healthy!

Conditioner bar

A conditioner that will charm you with its sweet citrus scent and help nourish, moisturize & strengthen hair.

Keep them on our bamboo bar holder – whose material is as natural as our products themselves – to extend their durability even further.


The O’terra clinic offers a wide range of natural products, beauty tools & body treatments to help you take care of yourself. Do not hesitate to visit our website www.cliniqueoterra.com or to contact us for more information.

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