Get ready for summer with us!

5 April 2022

And yes, we can officially say that spring is just around the corner!

Spring is the perfect time to get your treatments done to be ready for summer.

It’s more than important to feel good about yourself to make the most out of the upcoming summer, what do you think?

First, let’s talk about cellulite!

We are fortunate to have two types of technologies that we l-o-v-e to combine for optimal results, but each has very distinct properties.

Celluskin uses acoustic waves to destroy the most stubborn and localized fat deposits. It is therefore an excellent tool to reduce the famous side of the tights and “holes” that are sometimes found on the buttoks.

Kuma is a technology that combines palpate-rolling and radiofrequency to sublimate the skin’s texture and reduce water retention. It is therefore essential to reduce the “orange peel” appearance by smoothing the skin while minimizing water retention.

This is why the combination of Celluskin and Kuma is often a very interesting choice! Of course, each body is different and we do not all have the same needs. It is during the evaluation that we will be pleased to guide you in making the most suitable choice for you.


However, if it is impossible for you to do in-clinic treatments, we got you!

Our trio of roulette, body succion cups & body balm is the ultimate home treatment for cellulite!

Pssst! This trio is also perfect to introduce into your home routine between treatments to maximize the benefits and results.

Second, let’s talk weight loss and firming!

Slimwave technology combines localized muscle stimulation and infratherapy to give you the effects of a good intensity workout.

Oh yes, a session of about 40 minutes is the amazing equivalent of nearly 600 sit-ups, 600 push-ups and 600 leg lifts simultaneously!!! The advantage of this technology is the possibility of treating specific areas of the body at the same time in order to achieve the desired results.

Infratherapy contributes to the improvement of blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, which allows, among other things, to eliminate toxins.

No need to tell you that the Slimwave is a very effective treatment when combined with a balanced diet and daily physical activity!

Finally, let’s talk about natural supplements!

Taking supplements is a daily habit that you can incorporate temporarily depending on your needs and your goals. Indeed, supplements allow you to achieve the desired results by helping your body from the inside.

Here are some of our recommendations:

Reduction cellulite :

  • Cellulitex
  • Phyto-fine

Reduction of water retention :

  • Phyto-drainol
  • Vigne rouge
  • Herbal tea

Weight loss :

  • Belle & svelte
  • Herbal tea
  • Phyto-fine
  • Phyto-drainol

Now all you have to do is to reveal yourself at your best, inside and out, this summer!


The O’terra clinic offers a wide range of natural products, beauty tools & body treatments to help you take care of yourself. Do not hesitate to visit our website or to contact us for more information.

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