At O’terra, it’s animal cruelty free!

26 July 2021

Who wouldn’t fall in love with this little thing full of love?

Wampum loves playing with the O’terra’s products! But why?!

Maybe she simply knows that they are certified animal cruelty free, made with natural ingredients & handmade in Quebec!

And you are probably wondering what the term ”animal cruelty free” actually means?!

In other words, it means that the product has not been ingested, inhaled or applied to the skin of an animal in order to test it.

We are all becoming more aware of animal well-being and therefore, more concerned about the methods used by companies to design their products. In fact, beauty and body products are among the most likely to have been tested on animals and to contain animal ingredients (yes, 100% vegan products exist).

Making wise choices

However, it is difficult to find one’s way among all these mentions and products available on the market. So, how can you be sure that these important criteria in the purchase of your products are well and truly respected?

Here’s a summary of what to look for to be absolutely sure it’s an animal cruelty-free choice:

  • Look for certification from an international entity like PETA or a logo that says so directly on the product packaging

(Pssst! Quick tip: as funny as it sounds, look for rabbit logos!);

  • Beware of misleading statements (or statements that overlook important details);
  • Actively research companies that are known to be cruelty-free;
  • Find out what the company’s policies are on the subject.

But is animal testing really necessary in the design of a new product?

The answer is obviously no.

In Canada, from a legal standpoint, there is no such requirement that the ingredients or the product itself has to be tested on an animal to prove the safety of human use.

Currently, only China requires that all cosmetic products has to be tested on animals before being put on the shelves of the country’s retail stores.

At O’terra, it’s animal cruelty free!

We believe that it is possible to create quality products that are safe for humans without resorting to animal testing (which often results in suffering & euthanasia).

Moreover, there are now alternative methods such as the use of tissues and cells cultivated in the laboratory or simply the use of natural products.

This is why we take such a pleasure in developing certified animal cruelty-free products, since the well-being of our customers as well as that of the animals is important to us!




The O’terra Clinic offers a wide range of natural products, beauty tools & body treatments to help you take care of yourself. Feel free to visit our website or contact us for more information.

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