Nourishing & moisturizing your skin: two different things

19 October 2021

First of all, did you know that the skin is an organ?

Yes, the largest organ in the body, nothing less!

So, you can understand the importance of taking good care of it.

Like every other organ, it needs to be properly nourished and hydrated to give you the best of itself.


For example, throughout the day, our body signals us in different ways when it is hungry or thirsty. Whether it’s through little gurgles, a lack of concentration, a feeling of weakness or any other signal, our body speaks to us.


It is more than important to listen to our body.

This is why we consume various foods in order to allow our body to function well on a daily basis and to prevent it from lacking anything.


Well, your skin also has its own way of telling you what it needs.

  • When it needs moisture, it produces more oil.
  • When it needs nutrients, it flakes (the skin starts to peel).


To avoid these two situations, simply:

1. Hydrate, so provide it with his water intake!

Pssst! Our hyaluronic acid, matcha & mandarin serum is just perfect for this!

2. Feed it, so give it its nutrient intake! 

Pssst! Our moisturizing & mattifying cream, along with its mists, is just what you need.

And then what?!

All you have to do is enjoy your healthy skin!




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