Beauty must-haves for Halloween: our 5 favorite products

1 October 2023


Autumn is well and truly upon us, and with it comes one of our favorite holidays: Halloween. To tackle the season while still looking dazzling, getting your hands on the right beauty products to take care of your skin is essential. Here are our top 5 picks for radiant skin, no matter how many Halloween parties you’ve had or how many makeup looks you’ve worn!


1. Glowing facial scrub

Start with our exfoliator to prepare your skin for a flawless Halloween makeup look. It’s gentle, natural and, above all, incredibly effective. When it comes in contact with water, it creates a beautiful, creamy green foam that softens and polishes the skin without irritating it. Your makeup will then apply like a charm, guaranteed. Chia seeds moisturize the skin, while matcha adds firmness and improves texture. Meanwhile, lime offers antibacterial properties for detoxified, purified skin.


2. Facial cleansing brush

To effectively remove Halloween makeup at the end of the night, our O’terra facial cleansing brush is an essential asset. It gently removes makeup residue thanks to its tiny silicone bristles, ensuring that your skin is spotless before applying the products of your evening routine (no one is going to bed without looking like a glazed donut). Its shape also offers unrivalled precision to reach every area of your face!


3. Makeup remover and cleanser bar

After a long evening (or day), it’s also crucial to thoroughly cleanse your skin. Our makeup remover and facial cleanser bar is an ideal choice. Suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive and problematic, it effectively removes the toughest impurities while remaining gentle on your epidermis. Its creamy foam is pleasant to use, and the lime gives it a refreshing and antibacterial touch!


4. Reusable bamboo cotton pads

When it comes to eco-friendly, skin-friendly makeup removal, our bamboo reusable cotton pads can’t be beaten. They’re ultra-silky on the skin (even the sensitive eye area), and you can wash and reuse them. Each pack includes ten cotton pads and a small wash bag for convenient use.


5. Gentle micellar water – Yuzu & blueberry

Our gentle micellar water is the ideal solution to remove makeup. Yuzu and blueberry, the main ingredients, are suitable for all skin types and are perfect for soothing the skin (say bye to itchy skin and itchy eyes). It’s also effective to remove waterproof products and doesn’t leave an oily finish.



In short, these five beauty products offer a combination of effectiveness, gentleness and ecology for radiant skin.


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