Discover our two must-have new products for pregnancy & postpartum

28 September 2023


Pregnancy, childbirth and the post-partum period are all challenging for a woman’s body (and skin). In addition to all the physical changes, major hormonal changes also occur during this period and can weaken natural collagen production. During pregnancy, the body produces more cortisol, and the higher this level, the lower the collagen production.


As collagen and elastic fibers play a key role in the skin’s suppleness, the risk of developing stretch marks is therefore higher (add to this the veryyy rapid growth of the body). That’s why we recommend using products designed to restore skin elasticity!


  • Nourishing silky body butter: a must-have for improving skin suppleness and elasticity!


Our nourishing silky butter has been specially formulated to meet the skin’s needs during pregnancy and help it adapt to hormonal and physical changes. It owes its great effectiveness to the natural active ingredients used: their judicious combination brings deep hydration, essential nutrients and soothing properties to the skin!


What’s more, its incredible whipped texture allows slow absorption, ensuring prolonged and effective action (as well as being veryyy nice to apply). In short, this unique butter deeply moisturizes, repairs skin damage and, above all, improves skin elasticity, a key element in preventing and treating stretch marks!


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  • Reusable silicone body patches: a nightly ally for moisturized, naturally more elastic skin!


Our reusable silicone patches are a real miracle for the skin. Easy to use overnight, they work silently to deliver naturally suppler, perfectly moisturized skin. How do they work? Simple! They absorb moisture through every layer of the epidermis, increasing hydration. This skin revitalization dramatically improves elasticity and the appearance of scars (perfect for C-section scars)!


Pregnancy essentials, pregnant woman, stretch marks, silicone patches



At O’terra, we understand the unique needs of pregnant women and new mothers! That’s why our products are specially designed to offer the best support during this extraordinary time of life, naturally. 


Beauty from the inside out! 💚

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