Travel kit: our 5 must-have products

6 October 2022


Whether it’s for a getaway at the cottage, a weekend with the family or even a trip with friends, here are 5 must-have products from our O’terra line to have in your cosmetic bag to keep your skin radiant and healthy throughout your getaway!


1. Hyaluronic acid, matcha & mandarin serum

The first item is, naturally, our popular hyaluronic acid serum! This versatile product will keep your skin moisturized for hours, and its rich, delightful texture will work wonders under your makeup or sunscreen: a must-have when travelling, really.

Plus, its ingredients have been meticulously chosen to restore and tighten the skin while providing maximum hydration. Not to mention the convenient container that will prevent any potential mess in your bag!

For maximum hydration, use the product morning and night.

Find it right here.


2. Reusable cotton pads & gentle micellar water

Another must-have is, of course, the duo of reusable cotton pads and gentle micellar water.

No matter how late your evenings end when you’re on vacation, it’s crucial that you never go to bed without removing your makeup first!

In addition to effectively removing all accumulated impurities, the yuzu & blueberry micellar water and our reusable pads are perfect for your travel kit. The pads come in a pack of 10 and include a small carry/wash bag.

Find them right here.


3. Luminous patches & serum for the eye area

Spending time away from home or at a friend’s house also means shorter nights and dark circles. Don’t worry: the luminous patches and serum for the eye area help reduce inflammation and signs of fatigue under the eyes.

Moreover, you only need to bring one pair of patches because they can be reused up to 10 times: a practical and ecological solution!

Find them right here.


4. Anti-blemish magic powder

We couldn’t leave out the anti-blemish magic powder. This powder is a life-saver for your skin!

We all know that skin blemishes tend to appear when our habits change. Therefore, when we travel and our consumption of alcohol and greasy food increases or when our pillowcase is not the same as at home, our skin tends to act up.

This is where the magic powder for blemishes comes in. By applying it to the targeted areas and leaving it on overnight, the redness and inflammation of your pimples will have considerably decreased by the time you wake up, if not disappeared.

Moreover, because of its small, compact size, this product fits perfectly in your bag and takes up almost no space.

Find it right here.


5. Dry shampoo

Finally, don’t forget to bring some O’terra dry shampoo! This cult product will save you from many hair disasters and will leave your hair clean and refreshed just like at home, even when you’re miles away!

Not only does it work great, but it also smells delicious and acts as a styling product to give your hair texture and volume.

Find it right here.



The most important thing to remember when packing your travel beauty kit is to bring only the essentials and use only natural products that are good for your skin!

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