Your mask makes your facial skin suffer?!

1 December 2020

No no, it’s not a myth! Although it is currently mandatory, wearing a mask causes some discomfort to our facial skin.

Some people experience irritation or very dry skin while others will see pimples or blackheads appear more than usual.

But, why?

  • The fabric blocks air, which prevents the skin from oxygenating;
  • Our skin is constantly in contact with the bacteria on the fabric;
  • The fabric creates moisture, which can clog pores.

Whether we like it or not, wearing the mask is there to stay for a while. It is therefore essential to integrate an innovative natural product to continue wearing it, without the inconveniences that come with it.

Our sanitizing mist for fabrics has been specially developed for this purpose, after several months of research & testing. We made sure that it is simple to associate with our daily habits and that the format is also practical to bring with us.

So simple.

Just spray a small amount of mist into your mask or on another fabric and let it do its work. Try our mist for fabrics and you’ll love it!

The ingredients it contains have very interesting properties to sanitize the fabrics that touch your face and thus :

  • Prevent the appearance of pimples (thanks to tangerine!)
  • Stimulate the healing process (thank you, vitamin B5!)
  • Regenerate the cells, regulate the pH & add a dose of hydration (ah aloe!)

Of course, your skin will suffer much less (and will thank you) if you combine the purifying mist with your daily facial hygiene care.

  1. Help yourself to a good coffee!
  2. Cleanse your face with a non-drying cleanser, like our O’terra makeup remover/cleanser that contains lime, which has properties that help eliminate pimple-causing bacteria.
  3. Apply a moisturizing, but non-oily cream and/or serum to prevent it from clogging the pores of the skin (PSST: our hyaluronic acid, matcha & mandarine serum is suitable for all skin types).
  4. Apply your makeup or not, depending on your habits.
  5. Spray sanitizing mist in your mask (or even your scarf).
  6. Wear your mask, without any inconvenience, and enjoy your day to the fullest!

It is also possible to apply the sanitizing mist to other types of fabrics, such as pillowcases, turtlenecks or any other fabric that may come in contact with your skin!

Available at Clinique O’terra or on our website:

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