The Importance of Hydrating Inside Out

1 February 2022

Did you know that the body is composed of a very large proportion of water in the skin, organs and more?

It is easier to understand the importance of hydrating to ensure the well-being and proper functioning of our body.

Hydration of the skin (externally)


Our skin must be treated with care for several reasons such as

  • Skin comfort (a healthy hydrolipidic film)
  • Prevention of skin aging
  • A glowing skin tone
  • A soft and elastic skin

In brief, our skin is the mirror of the hydration and nutrients that we bring to it thanks to our habits to take care of ourselves.

Our advice

Since it’s just as important to moisturize your skin from the inside as it is from the outside, here are some good habits to incorporate into your routine.

  • Efficient cleansing: using a micellar water and then a cleanser is a wonderful double cleansing to make sure you remove all the impurities accumulated during the day (oil, dust, makeup, etc.).
  • Exfoliation: the perfect step to get your skin looking fresh and ready to receive the appropriate moisturizing treatments, which is possible with the right scrub.
  • Hydration & nutrients (yes, there is a difference): the cherry on the sundae, the use of a serum followed by a cream and a lip balm on the face and a butter on the body to give your skin everything it needs.

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Hydration of the body (internally)


It is important to stay sufficiently hydrated every day, among other things, to :

  • Live a healthy life
  • Fight fatigue
  • Promote digestion
  • Support the functioning of vital organs
  • Support the body during physical activity
  • Promote healthy muscles, joints, etc.

Our advice

In reality, there is only one tip to remember: make sure you stay hydrated throughout the day by drinking lots of water (no no, juice and coffee don’t count!)!

But here are a few suggestions to make it easier for you:

  • Always have a bottle of water on hand
  • Set a goal (drink the equivalent of a glass of water every hour)
  • Flavour/personalize by letting your creativity flow (e.g. add fresh fruit & herbs)

Simply because hydration starts from the inside, it is essential to pay special attention to our daily hydration level, so it’s best to find ways to do it!




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