Prevent & reduce stretch marks, it’s possible!

10 February 2021

We often repeat it. Stretch marks are not dangerous.

But that doesn’t mean you want to have them!

In any case, we have never heard a client ask us: « Is there anything you can recommend so that I can see stretch marks on my body please? »

However, the opposite often happens.

Very often. Every day, in fact.

— Hello Clinique O’terra! [I am X weeks pregnant / I have gained a few pounds lately / My daughter is in growth]. I would like to avoid stretch marks as much as possible. Do you have a product to recommend?, literally *almost* all our clients ask us.

Well yes! We do have a product to recommend to prevent the appearance of stretch marks.

This is our famous nourishing silky butter.

Nourishing silky butter

— And why is this natural product so effective?

Because it has been specially developed to improve the skin’s elasticity. It penetrates slowly, which leaves it to act for a long time and effectively. We have also taken care to explain in detail how skin’ s elasticity is key in the prevention of stretch marks. It’s simple, but oh so logical!

In short, whatever the period of life, this butter is definitely the moisturizer to add to your natural medicine cabinet.

— And if I already have stretch marks, I guess it’s too late to get rid of them?!, *almost* all our clients ask us afterwards.

Well no!

Even if it seems impossible, there are several interesting solutions to attenuate them, or even make them disappear if they are taken in time.

As a home care product, the combination of the dermaroller & butter (yes, the same product as mentioned above – it’s a great product, really) helps to attenuate stretch marks.

Dermaroller 3 en 1 & butter

The dermaroller has proven to be an effective beauty tool to stimulate collagen naturally, activate the healing process, improve skin texture and allow the products to penetrate deep into the skin in order to get the most out of their benefits.

Simply do it once to three times a week – depending on the skin’s reaction – on cleansed skin and wait a few minutes before applying the nourishing silky butter. In addition to being moisturizing, this product is also very restorative!

A winning combination, right?!

— But I really think I need more than that!

There is always the possibility of doing clinical care. Microneedling is a very effective treatment to reduce stretch marks & scars. Obviously, it works more deeply than the beauty tools designed for home care.

The technique consists in making micro-perforations in the area to be treated, at various depths & speeds, in different layers of the dermis.

— And what’s the point of doing that? Why “break” my skin?

Again, it makes a lot of sense! By creating small wounds on the skin, it reacts instinctively by going into “defense” mode.

We hurt the skin. It protects itself.

To protect itself, the skin provokes an inflammatory reaction that causes its healing process. This stimulates the synthesis of the cells responsible for the quality of the skin – called fibroblasts – and thus produces elastin & collagen.

In short, we regenerate “new” skin!

After the treatment, we apply – guess what?! – the nourishing silky butter to maximize skin repair.

Microneedling & butter

So, there are plenty of solutions to prevent & reduce stretch marks. Isn’t that right?!

Clinique O’terra offers a wide range of natural products, beauty tools & body treatments to help you take care of yourself. Do not hesitate to visit our website or to contact us for more information.


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