FAQ on our face suction cups and our jojoba face balm

23 November 2021

Why does the set include two suction cups?

The small suction cup is used on areas of the face where the skin is not too thin such as the cheeks, forehead, chin & chest.

The mini suction cup is used on areas of the face where the skin is thinner such as around the eyes and around the mouth & lips.

Can I use the O’terra body balm with the face suction cups?

No, simply because the body balm is much more oily than the face balm, which could obstruct the pores and create unwanted effects such as pimples or skin irritations.

In fact, each balm was designed to complement its own suction cups. The ingredients they contain have different properties and therefore do not have the same objectives.

The face balm is composed of jojoba and matcha, which makes it :

  • natural
  • has anti-wrinkle properties
  • maximizes the firming effects
  • does not clog pores
  • provides instant softness after use
  • suitable for all skin types (even oily skin)

The body balm contains matcha and pink grapefruit, which allows it to maximize the effects of firmness to our body, in addition to participating in the drainage of the body and burning fat cells.

Can I use a different facial balm than the one from O’terra?

Actually, it is possible to use another facial balm with our suction cups. However, you must make sure to choose a balm that does not obstruct your skin’s pores and that is compatible with silicone to avoid breaking the cups and making them porous over time.

O’terra Jojoba Balm is specially formulated to avoid obstructing the skin’s pores and thus, not causing unwanted effects such as pimples (hence the importance of not using a balm that is too oily for the face). Moreover, its composition in natural ingredients and its complementary characteristics (firming effect, anti-wrinkle, softening, collagen stimulation, etc.) make it a perfectly compatible and complementary choice with our facial suction cups.

Can I use the facial suction cups on my neckline and chest?

There is no problem using the facial suction cups on these areas. Since the skin is thinner in these areas, the small suction cup will be perfectly suitable. However, it is important not to use the suction cups directly on the breasts.

How long does jojoba face balm last?

Certainly it always depends on how much balm you use for each treatment (depending on your skin’s ability to absorb it and also on your preferences), but we estimate that one container can last about 60 uses.

Is the face balm compatible for pregnant women?

Yes, it is! Like all of our O’terra products, it contains the recommended percentage of essential oil for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

When is the best time to do the cupping?

We recommend using facial suction cups in the evening, simply because it activates blood circulation and can bring a red tint to the face.

Should I keep or remove the jojoba balm after treatment?

It’s really up to each person!

As you might expect, the balm also contains interesting properties such as the firming and anti-wrinkle effect it has on the skin. If you let it penetrate, its action will be prolonged, which will be beneficial. However, it will leave a slightly “oily” texture on your skin, depending on its absorption capacity.

If you like this texture, we advise you to keep the balm.

If you don’t like this texture, we recommend wiping off the excess balm with a dry washcloth. The treatment will be just as effective!

How do I clean the facial suction cups?

Just like our body suction cups, simply clean them with a gentle soap (like dish soap) and warm water.

Is it normal not to have as much suction with facial suction cups as with body suction cups?

Don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal not to feel as much suction when using facial suction cups as when using body suction cups. In fact, the two types of suction cups work completely differently since they do not target the same areas of the body, and therefore not the same needs!

Considering that the skin on the face is thinner than the entire body, facial suction cups are designed to lift the skin by creating just enough suction to activate blood circulation and stimulate collagen.

Thus, a simple little suction is enough to be effective!

As for the body suction cups, they are designed to fight cellulite. Thus, a greater suction is necessary to break up the dimples.

How many times a week should I use the suction cups for best results?

We recommend using the face suction cups & jojoba face balm twice a week on clean skin.

How long should I treat my face?

The suction cups should be used on the entire face for approximately 4 minutes.

How can I maintain suction on my face?

Certainly, it can be more difficult to maintain suction on the face compared to the rest of the body simply because the suction cups are so small.

However, here are some tips on how to maintain sufficient suction during treatment:

Apply enough jojoba face balm to the entire face to allow the suction cups to glide smoothly over the skin (dehydrated skin may require more balm as it will tend to absorb more fluid)
Make sure to keep the suction cups flat on the skin to prevent air from getting in and reducing suction.

That’s it! Hopefully this answers all your questions about our facial suction cups!




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