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Herbal tea « Ciao water retention » 100 g

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In collaboration with Monsieur T., we have prepared an infusion specifically designed to fight water retention. You know, that pleasant feeling of being bloated 24/7?

Most of the anti water retention herbal teas that exist today are, how can we delicately say it, .... of very questionable flavor. Monsieur T. & O'terra have seized the opportunity to create an infusion that is effective and healthy, but does not taste healthy (insert divine revelation sound here).

In this infusion, citrus peel, mint and verbena will charm you and make you forget about other less pleasant ingredients, but which have superpowers like red vine leaves and nettle leaves.
We like this infusion :
- anti water retention
- detoxifying
- without theine
- with a delicious citrus taste
- unique

Monsieur T. & O'terra Tip:
Drink a liquid to get less water can happen. Simply trust us.


3 teaspoons per 250 ml / 95° / Infusion = 8 minutes


Consider using our O'terra travel mug with integrated infuser for an unbeatable experience!


Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding / Discontinue use if problems occur.


Lemongrass Cut, Verbena, Peppermint, Lemon Peels, Orange Peels, Nettle Leaves, Grape Leaves (Red), Marigold, Natural Flavor.

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