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Our O'terra roulette has been specially designed for deep massage to relieve tissue congestion, drain water retention and activate blood circulation. This beauty tool is ideal for people who have water retention, who are sensitive when using our body suction cups, who work in static positions (standing or sitting) and who feel heaviness or fatigue in their legs. Painless, the O'terra roulette is very pleasant to use. As with the body suction cups, our O'terra matcha firming balm must be used to do the treatment properly. It will thus maximize the effects of firmness & it will ensure the durability of the beauty tools.

We love it because it:
- reduces water retention
- activates blood circulation
- helps to reduce the effect of heavy legs
- is complementary to our suction cups for the body
- is compatible for pregnant or breastfeeding women
- can be used on all parts of the body (calves, thighs, stomach, arms, etc.).

1- Coat the area to be worked on with O'terra matcha firming balm.
2- Roll the roulette in continuous movements applying a certain pressure for about two minutes per area. 
3- To be done as needed. 


If there is a combination of water retention and cellulite, the use of the body suction cups combined with the roulette optimizes the benefits and results. In this case, use the roulette first, then the suction cups. 


Discontinue use if irritation or over-sensitivity occurs / Results may vary from one person to another. 

*This product is also available in duo with our O'terra matcha firming body balm or in trio with our suction cups & O'terra matcha firming body balm.

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